Granutech-Saturn produces top quality and highly innovative recycling equipment, manufacturing equipment and fabrication machinery. Continuous investment in automation integration capabilities and comprehensive engineering makes Granutech-Saturn a leader in recycling equipment. For decades of experience and quality look no further than Granutech-Saturn. Plastiwin is proud to offer used Single Shaft Shredders, Dual Shaft Shredders, and other Plastics Size Reduction Equipment

Granutech-Saturn Systems is not only the result of inherent engineering and design expertise, but also strategic acquisitions of long established brands (Saturn Shredders and Granutech tire recycling equipment) in the industrial recycling equipment market. The company produces standard models and highly customized and configurable models, providing a wide array of used plastics shredders and plastics size reduction equipment.
The company’s success in the marketplace is a direct result of continued developments in fabrication, machining, and automation integration capabilities.

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