25mm Berstorff 44:1 L/D Model ZE-25 Twin Screw Extruder

Machine ID 5787
Model Number ZE-25
Year of Mfg 1999
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PlastiWin has located a very nice 25mm Berstorff 44:1 L/D Model ZE-25 Twin Screw Extruder. It is equipped with a Berstorff Side Stuffing Extruder and Brabender Dosing Feeder. Call us today to set up your inspection.

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25mm Berstorff 44:1 L/D Model ZE-25 Twin Screw Extruder:
* Brand: Berstorff
* Model ZE-25 CL
* Year of Mfg.: 1999
* Twin Screw Extruder
* Screw Diameter: 25mm
* Motor: 30 HP Sew-Eurodrive
* Voltage: 220 Volt
* Co-Rotating
* Barrel Sections: 9 Sections
* L/D: 44:1 L/D
* Ports: 2 Ports for Side Feeders
* Water Cooled
* Control Cabinet

Side Extruder:
* Brand: Brabender
* Model: DDSR 20
* Screw Diameter: 20mm
* Voltage: 220 Volt
* Motor: Sew-Eurodrive
* Controller: Digital Model B15 w/ Drive Controller
* Spares Include: Screw Parts, Fittings & Dies

* Brabender
* Model: DDW-H31-FW33
* Capacity: 5-50 Kg/hr
* Year of Mfg.: 1999

PlastiWin is happy to offer this 25mm Berstorff 44:1 L/D Model ZE-25 Twin Screw Extruder. It comes complete with a Berstorff side feeder and Brabender dosing feeder. Berstorff is one of the premier brands in Twin Screw Extrusion technology. Don't miss out. Call Brian Swain today to set up your inspection at (330) 998-6738.

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