Used 89 Ton Nissei FN1000-2A Injection Molding Machine

Machine ID 5287
Model Number FN1000-2A
Year of Mfg 2001
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This is a little beauty! We always have Nissei Injection Molding machines but this one is exquisite! If you would like to set up an inspection to see this FN1000 running parts, then give us a call today!

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Used 89 Ton Nissei FN1000-2A Injection Molding Machine:

* Brand: Nissei
* Model Number: FN1000-2A
* Tonnage: 89 Ton
* Shot Size: .5 oz
* Year of Mfg.: 2001
* Max Injection Pressure (psi): 29,935
* Screw Diameter: 19mm
* Tie Bar Spacing: 15.2" x 15.2"
* Intensifiction Ratio: 15:1
* Controller: NC9300T
* Robot Interface: SPI
* New Barrel (Replaced Late 2016)
* New Tip Assembly (Replaced Late 2016)
* New End Cap (Replaced Late 2016)
* Barrel (Slightly Used)
* Screw: .002-.0085"(front)
* Screw: .001-.009" (front)
* Barrel, Screw, Tip and End Cap Set

If it is micro molding you want than micro molding you will get. This is an exceptionally clean press offered by PlastiWin. We are one of the Nation's largest resellers of used Nissei injection molding machines. This one is a beauty. Call us today for details or to set up your inspection.
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