Used Matsui JL4-7VC3 Vacuum Loader w/ Stainless Steel Hopper

Machine ID 5205
Model Number JL4-7VC3
Year of Mfg 2008
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Just added! Like New! Can control up to 4 units!

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Used Matsui JL4-7VC3 Vacuum Loader w/ Stainless Steel Hopper:
* Brand: Matsui
* Model Number: JL4-7VC3
* Voltage: 460 Volt 3 Phase 60 Hz
* Hopper: Stainless Steel
* Aero Power Hopper, Dust Removal
* Year of Mfg.: 2008
* Full Load Amp: 9
* Controller: Plas-Aid Digital System
* Controller can control 4 Units
* All Hoses & Bins

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