Whether it is a single asset or an entire plant, often times the best way to achieve the highest return on idle asset sales is through Orderly Liquidation. With this type of approach specific assets can be targeted to specific buyers in a controlled manner with the least disruption to ongoing operations of your business.

During this period of asset remarketing our staff will utilize our extensive database of equipment users and maintain a more controlled approach to having potential buyers view and negotiate the purchase of your company’s assets. A plan will be developed and implemented which will include advertising, web-based promotion, telemarketing and communication with OEMs to assure adequate exposure of the assets being liquidated. We will communicate with you on a consistent basis to update progress, value fluctuations and market conditions that pertain to each individual asset.

Many companies opt for this type of sale due to greater returns and less stress. PlastiWin will do all of the communicating with buyers, prepare all advertising, perform all OEM correspondence, and coordinate the assets’ removal from your company’s premises.