Used 75 HP Vecoplan Model RG52/75 Shredder


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Used 75 HP Vecoplan Model RG52/75 Shredder: * Brand: Vecoplan * Model: RG52/75 * Single Shaft Shredder * Hydraulic Ram * Year of Mfg.: 2005 * PLC Control Panel * Rotor: 15" Diameter * Rotor: 52" Long * Cutters: 37 Indexable 4-Way Cutters * Opening: 52" x 48" * Ram: 2-Speed Hydraulic * Oversized Hopper ** For an additional charge, the owner can include a Vecoplan infeed Conveyor w/ Metal Detection! ** Please find this gently used, late model Vecoplan Single shaft shredder. Vecoplan Single Shaft shredders are hard to find in the open market. Call PlastiWin today to set up your inspection on this like new, used 75 HP Vecoplan Model RG52/75 Shredder system. PlastiWin is one of the Nations largest suppliers of used Vecoplan grinding and shredding machinery. If you have a Vecoplan shredder for sale, Call PlastiWin today. We will get you top dollar for your used grinder, granulators, shredders, or any plastics processing machinery.