Used Wittmann W702 Robot

Used Wittmann W702 Robot

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Used Wittmann W702 Robot:

* Brand: Wittmann

* Model Number: W702 Sprue Picker

* Year of Manufacture: 2013

* Controller: SA7 Microprocessor with Teach Pendant

* Voltage: 110/240 Vac/1 Phase/50-60 Hz

* Was Used on a 65 Ton IMM in a Class 100K Clean Room

* Vertical Stroke: 550mm High Speed Pneumatic Drive

* Kick Stroke: 100mm Pneumatic Driven Stroke + 200mm Adjustment

* Pivot Stroke: 45-95 degree Pneumatic Drive

* 90 degree Wrist Flip: Pneumatic Drive

* Mounting Adapter 374mm

* E12 Robot/IMM Electrical Interface

* Air Filter/Regulator

* Vacuum Circuits

* Compressed Air Requirements: 90 PSI

** Approx Hours: 3,000. Ran in a Medical Clean Room! 5 Days a week for 1 shift for 9 months. Skidded and Ready to Ship **

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