KOMO 3-Axis VR508 CNC Router

Machine ID 3778
Model Number VR 508
Year of Mfg 1992
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This is a KOMO 3-Axis CNC Router from 1992, with a vacuum system interface and high vacuum pump with motor, inlet filter, and tank.

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KOMO 3-Axis VR508 CNC Router:
* Brand: KOMO
* Model Number: VR 508
* Year of Mfg: 1992
* Table: 8'x5', 4 Section, 2 Zone, with Plumbing and Valving
* Control: Fanuc 0MC
* Programmable Axis Travel
* "X" Axis travel: 96"
* "Y" Axis travel: 84"
* "Z" Axis travel: 6"
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