Used Star Automation NPW-800GII Hybrid Robot

Star, Star Automation
Machine ID 5083
Model Number NPW-800GII
Year of Mfg 2009
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Well thank you very much, Mr. Roboto, for doing the jobs that nobody wants to. The problem is plain to see: too much technology. Actually, you will never hear me complain about too much technology. And I will never hear you complain about too much technology with the Star Automation NPW-800G Hybrid Robot. Call PlastiWin today and we will tell you a secret, secret…

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Used Star Automation NPW-800GII Hybrid Robot
* Brand: Star Automation
* Model Number: NPW-800GII
* STEC-CS1 Controller
* Pneumatic on Vertical and Strip Stoke, Servo on the traverse
* 1600mm Traverse Stroke
* 800mm Vertical Stroke at Product Side
* Telescoping Vertical Arm

* Serial Number: W08-0849
* Year of MFG: 12/2009

* This is a Used Star Automation NPW-800GII Hybrid Robot. Please call PlastiWin Capital Equipment if you would like to set up an inspection to see the Star Automation NPW-800GII. Let PlastiWin be your resource for all of your used plastics machinery needs and contact us with your available machinery!

** With more than 10 years combined experience, PlastiWin Capital Equipment is dedicated to providing quality used processing equipment, outstanding service and competitive prices to meet the needs of the all used processing equipment industries. PlastiWin Capital also offers the liquidation of used plastics processing equipment lines, the purchasing of plastic process manufacturing facilities, and appraisals for all types of plastic, chemical, and rubber processing equipment.
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