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Milacron is a top brand for single screw and twin screw extruders. Their customized extruders produce sheet, pellets, PVC pipe that meet customers’ needs for the plastics industry. They also specialize in injection molding machinery. Milacron offers all electric, hydraulic, and servo injection molding machines. Along with extrusion and injection molding machinery, Milacron manufactures ancillary equipment. They produce conveyors, material handling, heat transfer, and robot systems. Milacron has all your plastics processing needs. Browse our inventory of used Milacron extruders and injection molding machines. 

Milacron, also knows as Cincinnati Milacron is a very well known manufacturer of injection molding machines and extruders. Used Milacron extruders and injection molding machines are great to have in your facility. Milacron is leading market shares in North America through their diverse range of plastic processing equipment. you will see Milacron brand machines in many factories. Used Milacron machines are a great asset for your company because they are a brand you can trust. Find used Milacron extruders at PlastiWin.


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