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Blow Molding Machines | Extrusion

Used extrusion blow molding machines for sale from PlastiWin! Our blow molding specialist is ready to help you! We offer a variety of models and brands of extrusion blow molding machines. Call PlastiWin and take home a quality used extrusion blow molding machine today!

What is an extrusion blow moulding machine?

A hot tube of plastic from an extruder that is cooled in a mold and then air is blown into the mold.

Is extrusion molding the same as blow molding?

No. Blow Molding is used for bottles, bars, and containers. Extrusion molding is used for making pipes, tubes, profiles, sheets, films, and pellets.

What are the advantages of extrusion blow molding?

It is low cost, flexible, high productivity, and automated.

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