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Downstream Equipment | Pelletizing Extrusion

PlastiWin offers a variety of downstream pelletizing equipment. We have classifiers, water pelletizers, strand pelletizers, spin dryers, and more. We offer brands such as Gala, Witte, Conair and more. View our inventory of downstream equipment for sale.

A pellet extruder is a piece of equipment that combines a pellet melter with a pushing mechanism. Per its name, this extruder pellet machine uses pellets instead of filament to operate, and it replaces the traditional extruder-melter set up in manufacturing facilities.

A pellet extruder machine is a viable option for those looking to simplify operations, because it combines the capabilities of several machines into one. Depending on the application, PlastiWin has a range of direct pellet extruder options for those looking to buy quality used plastic process equipment. We have strand pelletizers, spin dryers, plastic pellet extruder machines, and so much more.

Our pellet extruder inventory is constantly being updated, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for right now, check back with us routinely. Our experts evaluate our direct pellet extruder machines to give you a fair price every time. If you have questions about our extruder pellet machine inventory, or any of our equipment, give us a call today.


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