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Downstream Equipment | Pipe & Profile Extrusion Equipment

PlastiWin is pleased to offer downstream pipe and profile extrusion equipment. View our inventory of quality used pipe and profile extrusion equipment below. Browse our selection of extruders. Contact PlastiWin for a free quote on any of our used plastics equipment at 330-998-6738 or machine@plastiwin.com.

A PP pipe extrusion line is a dynamic piece of equipment that consists of several different parts. The extruder is used to convert raw plastic material into a tubular melt through the extrusion process. Then, the molten pipe is moved through a calibration bench and then to a cooling tank. Once cooled, it is passed to a cutting machine to be cut into its final length, or to be coiled.

PlastiWin is competitive when it comes to PVC pipe extrusion machine cost. Our pricing on machines like a corrugated pipe extrusion line are honest and true to the value our customers receive when shopping for a used PVC pipe extrusion line. Our inventory is constantly updating, so check back if you don’t see the pipe extrusion line you’re looking for. Types of pipe extrusion line include:

  • Corrugated pipe extrusion line
  • PP pipe extrusion line
  • PE pipe extrusion line / PE pipe extrusion machine
  • PVC pipe extrusion machine / PVC corrugated pipe machine
  • HDPE pipe extrusion machine / HDPE pipe extrusion line
  • American maplan extruder

If you have questions about an HDPE pipe extrusion machine for sale, or pipe extrusion machine cost, give us a call today.

Profiling is the process of extruding shaped products in a variety of configurations other than sheets or films. Extruded profiles can be solid or hollow. This process can be used to manufacture everything from tubing to window frames to vehicle door seals.

How does it work? For this process to work effectively, the use of special extrusion equipment is essential. Plastic pellets are fed into a machine hopper or extruder first. Further, by way of a rotating screw that is inside a heated barrel, the material is continuously moved forward by way of friction and heat.

Using a die, the softened plastic is then thrown directly into the cool water, where it solidifies. The plastic is then conveyed to take-off rollers that actually pull the softened plastic from the die. In essence, the die is a metal plate at the end of the extruder that has a cut out section in its interior. Combined with the speed of take-off rollers, this cutout determines the final cross-section of manufactured products.

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