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Extruders | Used Twin Screw Extruder

Looking for a twin screw extruder? PlastiWin is pleased to offer a variety of sizes and models of twin screw extruder machines. Popular twin screw extruders we offer are Berstorff, Coperion, and Werner & Pfleiderer. Twin screw extruders consist of intermeshing or co-rotating screws. Contact us about our extruder machines! 

What is a Twin Screw Extruder?

A twin screw extruder is used in specialized applications that require thermally sensitive materials to be processed, sized, and transported. Devolatilization, for example, is a twin screw extruder application in which volatiles are driven out from a hydrocarbon material (like coal) in order to be decomposed. Devolatilization requires specialized equipment like a dual screw extruder because it is influenced by factors such as temperature, pressure, and particle size.

A used twin screw extruder for sale consists of two intermeshing, co-rotating screws that are mounted on shafts in a closed barrel. The twin screw extruder screws are tight and self-wiping, which results in high efficiency and faster process times. The compounding twin screw extruder is popular among manufacturers for its operation, low maintenance, and specialized skills.

PlastiWin is a proud seller of the used twin screw extruder for sale, offering name-brand equipment that functions like new. We have decades of experience in selling used plastic processing equipment to various industries who rely on us for our knowledge, customer service, and quality equipment. If you are looking to purchase a twin screw extruder, here are some popular types: Xinda, ICMA San Giorgio, American Maplan, PVC twin screw extruder, and the Buhler twin screw extruder.

We are constantly updating our inventory, so if you don’t see the used twin screw extruder for sale you are looking for, check back on our website soon!

What is a twin-screw extruder machine?

Two intermeshing screws that co-rotate in a closed barrel.

What is the cost of a twin-screw extruder?

Pricing varies based on new or used, size, type, brand, and condition.

How much power does a twin-screw extruder use?

Power varies based on the size of extruder you are using.

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