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Used Plastic Shredders

Used plastic shredders from PlastiWin are used to break down larger pieces of plastic into smaller pieces. Shredders are often larger than granulators and can shred more. PlastiWin offers used plastic shredders in a wide range of horsepower to meet your needs. We offer shredders in brands such as Weima, Nelmor, Shred-Tech and many more. Whether you are looking for a single shaft, dual shaft, or quad shaft shredder, contact PlastiWin for all your used plastic shredding needs! 

Is there a shredder that shreds plastic?

A machine that cuts plastic pieces into smaller pieces.

What is the best way to shred plastic?

Break the material into smaller pieces before feeding it into the shredder.

What machine is used to shred plastic?

Shredder. A variety of types of shredders can be used to shred plastic. Type varies on what you are shredding.

What are the different types of industrial shredders?

Single Shaft, Dual Shaft, Horizontal Shredder are the most common.


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