FlexBlow FB2-3 PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Additional information

Stretch Blow Molding System



Year of Mfg

Saving System

Air recovery and energy saving system


Connection to FlexBlow

Flow Regulation

Supreme mold chilling

Pressure Regulation

Electrical pressure regulation and control for 1st, 2nd blowing and compensation plates

LP Air Flow

Regulation of LP air-flow for each cavity separately


Horizontal oven ventilation for thick-wall preform heating

Temperature Control

Laser preform temperature control


Additional neck cooling via cold air blades

Preform infeed system

Box Dumper

Automatic PET preform box dumper with safety guards

Unscrambling System

Jam-free conventional preform unscrambling system


3 gripper preform loading to oven

Heating Oven


Neck specific parts for 24/410 and 28/410 necks

Preferential heating

For oval / unique shaped containers

Blowing and Takeout



Clamp Daylight



Variable active cavity number

Soft-Close System

two-stage clamp locking system to save high-pressure air and extend mold life

Air-vayor takeout

2mm Height

Peripheral equipment

Mold Chiller and Transformer

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