Used Autobag PI412C Label Imprinter


Additional information


Automation Packaging

Model Number




Universal Connectivity w/ Serial and Paralle Port Allowing Flexibility in Communicating with Software and Databases

Board Memory

8 Megabytes of On Board Memory to Store and Recall Jobs


Supports over 40 Barcodes Inlcuding 2D Barcodes and Ture-type Fonts




+/- 1.6mm

Ribbon Saver

Advances Printing Ribbon Only When Printing is in Process, Significantly Reducing Waste


110/220VAC Switchable (50/60 Hz)

Air Feed

5CFM/80psi of Clean Dry Air

Bag Thickness

W 50mm to 275mm L 63mm to 550mm

Label Sizes

Up to 100mm Wide; up to 500mm Long

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