Used COMI V1 Inline Vacuum Former

Additional information


Inner Opening Max Reduction

49.29" x 31.65"

Outer Opening Max Reduction

20.24" x 12.76"

Forming Base Min

20.08" x 16.93"

Forming Base Max

49.21" x 31.49"

Plastic Sheet Min

23.62" x 18.50"

Plastic Sheet Max

52.76" x 33.09"

Forming Height Max


Inner Liner Max Height (pos - neg)

5.9" – 1.97"

Loading Height Plastic Sheet Max


Sheet Pellet Max Height


Cutting Max

47.24" x 29.53"

Cutting Min

18.9" x 15.74"

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PlastiWin Capital Equipment, LLC. has just located this Used COMI V1 Inline Vacuum Former for sale. It comes complete and ready for a new home. It is priced to sell so call us today at (330) 998-6738 to set up your inspection or for any other Thermoforming needs! With more than 35 years combined experience, PlastiWin Capital Equipment is dedicated to providing quality used plastic process equipment, outstanding service and competitive prices to meet the needs of all used processing equipment industries. We are the top source for used injection molding equipment, used rotational molding machines, used thermoforming machine, plastic extruders and used blow molding machines.