Used Conair Sepro PIP 3041 BZ Robot

Used Conair Sepro PIP 3041 BZ Robot

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PIP 3041 BZ

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Used Conair Sepro PIP 3041 BZ Robot:

* Brand: Conair

* Model: PIP 3041 BZ

* 2 Available

* Year of MFG: 1999 and 2000

* Working Dimensions: 4000mm (X), 950mm (Y), 1500mm (Z)

* These 2 used Conair Sepro model PIP 3041 BZ robots from 1999 and 2000 are for immediate sale. The machines were in perfect working condition before being removed from power. The machines are being offered together and were used on machinery in the 1500-2000 ton range. Please call PlastiWin today for more information or to set up an inspection. Also, contact PlastiWin for any other machinery needs or equipment availability!

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