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Used Kiefel KMD 85B Inline Thermoformer: Forming Specifications - BFS Station * Brand: Kiefel * Model: KMD 85B * Year of MFG: 2007 * Just Over 28,000 Hours * Form, Cut, Stack, and Knockout * Maximum Forming Area: 825mm x 675mm * Minimum Forming Area: 480mm x 385mm * Tool Dimension: 850mm (max width) x 700mm (max length) * Max Top/Bottom Stroke: 170mm/120mm * Maximum Positive/Negative Forming: 150mm * Max/Min Top Shut Height: 495mm/435mm * Maximum Yoke Adjustability: 60mm * Bottom Fixed Shut Height: 335mm * Top/Bottom Clamp Frame Force: 5 kN * Top/Bottom Plug Assist Stroke: 150mm * Top/Bottom Plug Assist Force: 20 kN * Max Sheet Width at the In-Feed: 880mm * Max Sheet Width at the Forming Station: 900mm, 905mm w/ Spreading * Clamp Frame Max Stroke: 170mm Trim Specifications: * Max/Min Top Shut Height: 355mm/220mm * Maximum Yoke Adjustability: 135mm * Bottom Fixed Shut Height: 255mm * Maximum Trimming Force on Platens: 85 short Tons * Maximum Part Height Above/Below Sheet Line (Knives on Top): 150mm * Maximum Top Stroke: 170mm * Minimum Bottom Stroke: 170mm Stacker Specifications: * Robot w/ 3-Axis: y,z, & 90 Degree Movement * Maximum Robot Speed: (1 Index, Max Weight 10kg): 30 cpm * Maximum Robot Speed: (2 Index, Max Weight 16kg): 17-18 cpm * Maximum Pusher Stroke: 540mm * Conveyor Included: 20' x 5' * Caging for Conveyor Area Included Compressed Air Requirements: * Minimum Compressed Air Pressure: 87 psi * Maximum Compressed Air Consumption: 0.35 cu. Ft./cycle Cooling Requirements: * Cooling Water Consumption: 52.8 gal/min * Water Flow Temp: <68 Degrees F * Water Return Temp: <80.6 Degrees F * Water Temp Variation within 1 Hour: 1.8 Degrees F * Water Flow Pressure: 43.5 psi Electrical Power Requirements: * Supply Plant Voltage: 480V * Total Connected Load (Approx): 160-190 kVA Other Items Included: * Unwind/Wind Stand * Mold Move Cart * Transformer * PlastiWin Capital Equipment is pleased to offer this Used Kiefel KMD 85B Inline Thermoformer. This used Kiefel is currently under power and is available for inspection. Good used Kiefel formers are difficult to locate in the plastics machinery world and this model is a high speed machine. Call PlastiWin Today for all of your plastics machinery needs! ** With more than 35 years combined experience, PlastiWin Capital Equipment is dedicated to providing quality used processing equipment, outstanding service and competitive prices to meet the needs of the all used processing equipment industries. PlastiWin Capital also offers the liquidation of used plastics processing equipment lines, the purchasing of plastic process manufacturing facilities, and appraisals for all types of plastic, chemical, and rubber processing equipment.