ZMD Single Station Thermoformer

Great Single Station Thermoformer with Recent Upgrades!

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ZMD International

ZMD Single Station Thermoformer:
* Brand: ZMD International Inc.
* Single Station
* Forming Area: 4' x 8'
* Stroke on Bottom Platen: 24"
* Daylight on Bottom Platen: 30"
* Daylight on Top Platen: 42"
* Powerful Pneumatic System for Fast Movement of Platen
* Two Vacuum Tanks - Comes w/ Seperate "2 Story" Rack for Space Saving
* Overall Dimensions: 143" x 167" x 93" (w/ Top Cylinders Removed)

Recent Modifications:
* New Windows Software (Smartform) on New Computer w/ Rolling Cart
* Extended Oven, 2' Deeper at Back to Improve Heating Control
* Added 6 Zones on Top and 6 on Bottom - Now has 28 Zones on both Top and Bottom
* 162 Ceramic Heaters for Bottom Oven
* 28 Panel Glass Heaters for Top Oven
* Updated ZMD Software to Control the added 12 Zones
* Enclosed Oven to Improve Heating Control (Heat Shield)

* New Removable On Demand Conveyor System w/ Automated Door System
* Conveyor is Controlled by Variable Speed DC Motor Control
* Easily Switch from Regular Thermoforming to Conveyor Style Quickly

Electrical Specifications:
* 480 VAC/3 Phase/280 Amps (Heaters Only)
* Bottom Oven Motor: 1/2 HP SP 7.5 Amps
* 120V 20 Amps Breakers for 6 Fans
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