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Extrusion Lines

Extrusion lines you are sure to love! PlastiWin is happy to offer a variety of different models and sizes of plastic extrusion lines. Our inventory of used extrusion lines is consistently changing. Find extrusion line for sale below.

Extrusion molding is only suitable for manufacturing seamless products. Resin is melted and continually extruded through a mold by a screw in a plastic extruder to form a molded product. Products best suited to this process are continuous in nature. Think of items like pipes, sheets, films, and wire covering.

Our most popular brands of used extruders and used extrusion lines include: American Leistritz Extruder & Twin-screw Extruder, Entek Extruders, Werner & Pfleiderer Extruder & Twin-screw Extruder, Coperion Extruder, Milacron Extruder, and Berstorff Extruder.

A plastic extrusion machine is used for extrusion molding. The extrusion machine motor rotates a screw, which pushes plastic through a heater. When the plastic melts into liquid resin, it is then forced through the die tool, where it begins to take its shape. The material forms into a solid shape after being allowed to cool.



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