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Extrusion Lines | Used Pelletizing Lines

Pelletizing extrusion lines are great pieces of equipment to aid in your plastic process. PlastiWin is happy to help you get the job done by offering a variety of pelletizing extrusion lines in many different sizes and models. Browse our inventory of used pelletizing extrusion lines and other extrusion lines today!

PlastiWin has the best supply of extrusion equipment like a plastic pellet extrusion machine or a extrusion pelletizing machine. Both aid in the plastic extrusion process of melting raw plastic into a continuous profile.

A plastic pelletized machine is a piece of equipment that converts plastic pellets into formed plastic shapes. Plastic pellets are commonly used in the processes of plastic blow molding, extrusion, and injection molding. Using a plastic pelletized machine to melt down plastic pellets is a more economical and efficient granulation process for a dust-free treatment and easier clean-up.

During the plastic molding, extrusion, or injection process, an extrusion pelletizing line is used to pass the plastic pellets through the extruder and form a continuous production line. A plastic pelletized machine simplifies plastic operations by combining the capabilities of several machines into one. PlastiWin supplies a variety of pelletizing extrusion equipment for those looking to buy quality plastic processing equipment.

PlastiWin prides itself on providing a wide range of high-quality plastic processing equipment at competitive prices. With 35 years of experience, our expertise allows us to provide the best equipment and customer satisfaction. View our website to browse our plastic processing machine inventory or contact us today to become a valued partner.

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