COVID 19 has impacted millions of people, businesses, the economy, and much more in many ways. Whether you had COVID 19 or knew someone who had it. Whether your own business was impacted or your favorite local business was affected by it. Everyone has felt the wrath of COVID 19 in one way or the other.

COVID 19 and the plastics industry have also had an impact. Especially the sales of used plastic processing equipment. Due to the pandemic, lead time on new machinery has drastically increased. Lead times on new machinery during the pandemic were at 18 months or longer to receive your new piece of machinery. Because of this, used machinery has become extremely popular! That is why PlastiWin has been doing great! We have quality used plastic processing equipment without the long lead time. We can get the machine you are looking for faster than your OEM.

Demand for plastic products such as bottles, medical products, face shields, and packaging containers increased during the pandemic. Because the production of these plastic products increased so much, demand for blow molding, extrusion, and injection molding equipment has increased as well. To keep up with the demand for plastic products, companies needed to have more machinery to produce their products faster and more efficiently. With the long lead times, businesses decided to start to produce their plastic products in-house. This caused a greater demand for used plastic processing equipment!

Not all plastic processes thrived during the pandemic though. Many companies had to shut down, did not have enough employees, or did not have enough money to keep up with demands during the pandemic. The COVID 19 pandemic impacted everyone, and the economy proved that. As we start to recover, we are seeing companies get back on their feet and production is moving again.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, PlastiWin has been working hard to get the quality machinery our customers are looking for. We are always looking to buy and sell plastic processing equipment! At PlastiWin, we have high standards of customer satisfaction and strive to maintain quality and integrity with every deal. We are ready to help with your plastic processing equipment needs! Call PlastiWin today at (330) 998-6738.