Are you currently working with your OEM on a trade-in or “Buy Back” program?

PlastiWin offers a similar service that allows companies to easily sell their used equipment and create capital for new equipment! We call it our “Injection Protection Plan”. PlastiWin Injection Protection Plan is for injection molding machines ONLY. We can offer a 10% BETTER return on investment than your OEM. Sell US your machinery to get the return that you are looking for!

Use of the Injection Protection Plan is subject to certain limitations, but we ask the following from our sellers:

  1. Video proof that the machine is under power and in optimal running condition
  2. Maintenance Records from the previous 6 months
  3. Any known upgrades or changes to the equipment
  4. All verified specifications and hours on the equipment
  5. Most common materials used during the machine lifetime
  6. Proof from the OEM of their buy back price
  7. A 90 Day Exclusive to advertise and be the sole representative of your machine

PlastiWin’s Injection Protection Plan was created with our customers in mind. You will get the most out of your machine when you work with PlastiWin, and we are ready to work with you! Call us today ay (330) 998-6738 to get started!