Have you seen an increase in the price of resin and has it impacted how you get your plastic pellets? Well, you are not the only one. Prices of resin have raised dramatically since this time last year. Factors causing the rise are the market and supply and demand, oil pricing skyrocketing, and how we are recovering from the pandemic and other worldwide issues.

At the beginning of February, we saw our biggest spike. Prices have stayed high throughout March and into April. Not only were prices high for resin, but the availability of resin was also down, so many companies found themselves with a large problem on their hands.  During this time, with the price of resin so high and it being hard to find, plastic processing companies started to purchase their own recycling equipment to produce their resin.

Rather than just buying the resin how they want, companies started purchasing granulators, shredders, wash lines, pelletizing equipment, extrusion downstream equipment, and other extrusion and recycling equipment to make their resin. This demand for used recycling and extrusion equipment start to rise and that was great for us here at PlastiWin!

Our line of granulators, shredders, pelletizers, complete lines, and other plastic processing equipment are great options for making your resin!

As we have entered August, resin prices have started to fall, and resin is readily available. We are not back to what it was, but we are starting to see things go back to normal. With that, we at PlastiWin are anticipating that companies might want to start to sell their recycling and extrusion equipment.

PlastiWin is ready to help you buy or sell that equipment. Whether you are looking at buying or selling any plastic processing equipment, PlastiWin is here to help!